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Youth and Technology


Youth and unemployment is a critical subject in the international world. Employment refers to the extent to which young people have the ability to access jobs both in the mechanical and the white collar sections. The issue is of significance because of the current rate of unemployment that is experienced globally. According to the UN report, the rates of global youth’s unemployment continue to remain relatively stable. In essence, the rate has stabilized at 13% between the year 2007 and 2010. Evidently, there is a drop of unemployment among youths with up to 73.3 million in 2013. However, it is vital to note that the trend is not universal. It is because an estimated 43% of the global youth labor force continues to remain unemployed.

Consequently, they live below the poverty level. ECOSOC reveals that one in every three workers is unemployed and languishes in poverty. International law defines the youth unemployment as the young individuals between the age 15 and 35 years who does not have a job but is actively looking for one. In essence, the person must fall within the age bracket of a working age and must be searching for a position. In most cases, the person may not have obtained a job in his area of specialization. Historical facts indicate an upsurge of youth unemployment in many nations. However, developing countries continue to suffer a great deal.

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Youth and unemployment is a critical subject in the global arena. It is because of its impact on international affairs. First, it causes stagnation in the global economy. A nation that can provide jobs for its active citizens increases the rate of dependency. Consequently, it affects the capacity of a country to empower every financially. Youth and unemployment expose the globe to a variety of socio-economic problems. First, there is an increase in a lot of criminal activities and immoral behaviors. It is because most of the youths who ought to be building the nation are idle. Lack of job makes them venture into unacceptable activities to stay busy. Crime, therefore, remain on the rise. It is evident in most of the nations that suffer from unemployment. Unemployment is, therefore, a predisposing to the increase in STIs and HIV.

It is important to highlight that unemployment suggests a lack in existence of an effective interventions policy. In essence, it means that there are no appropriate policies that seek to handle the problems of the young people. For instance, there is a probability that the formal education system in the global arena does not meet the immediate needs of the people. A country can be educating people that it does not have the capacity to employ. There are also aspects of lack of post-school training and deployment programs among others. There are also unemployment factors such as trends in the industry where most employees do not consider employing the young and inexperienced group of people. Youth and employment is, therefore, a subject that matters. Building a better world requires the creation of jobs that gives the young people opportunity to exercise their talents and educational goals. In fact, it is the key to a stable and harmonious nation. Unemployment is a subject of concern because of various reasons.

First, it shows that the most countries have failed in their quest to create better living conditions for its citizens. For example, a person who is not able to cater for his food, shelter, and clothing has therefore failed in all aspects of life. In fact, he does not have a reason to live. Languishing in poverty is traumatic. Secondly, unemployment is of concern because it displays the extent of success of the guidelines that a nation has set. When the policies are established and operational, there is an expected change that occurs. However, bad policies lead to unemployment. Finally, unemployment of youths is of concern because of the need to preserve the forthcoming generation. People who have resources are the ones who can take care of future generation and leave a heritage as well. On the contrary, jobless people are hopeless and do not have a future to consider. Youth and employment is thus a critical subject in the International Arena. Proper handling of the area will lead to stability of both the social and economic trends of the globe.

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