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Meaningful Use for Nurses

The end of the 20th – the beginning of the 21st centuries saw the growing importance of technology-based solutions in nursing care. Under the influence of new legislation, nurses had to question earlier beliefs about medical care and assume new technology-related responsibilities.

The Role Of Divinity In Ancient Epic Poetry

There are different forms of ancient epic poetry in existence that can aid in identifying the traits of traditional literature.

Racism in America

The question about black’s segregation, discrimination and exploitation seem to have taken a center stage for years now.

Teaching Second Language

Teaching second language is one of the most challenging tasks for instructors.

Newly Weds Foods in Asia

The Newly Weds Foods Company has a significant presence in the Asian continent.

Persuasion: Propaganda

Even before the conflict in Ukraine and recent actions in Syria, Russia has been known as a country with powerful propagandistic apparatus.