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RFID Security Ethical and Moral Considerations

RFID’s can be used to provide parents with a sense of security knowing that their child arrived safely at school, store important medical information to avoid treatment errors, and save you time by checking in at the front desk to get your room key when you book a hotel. Read more >>

Role of Prisons and their Effectiveness in the United States

Prisons are government set facilities used for purposes of keeping and correcting wrongdoers in society. Read more >>

Teachers' Preparedness for High School Crises

Teachers’ perceptions about their preparedness are thought to influence schools readiness to handle crises. Read more >>

The Man of the Crowd

The Man of the Crowd, a short story by Edgar Allan Poe begins with the words about the book that does not permit itself to be read. Read more >>


The relationship among the individuals normally is formed at very young age. Most of the people start communicating with their fellows in the kindergarten. They are not aware of various approaches for communications, so they cooperate with the partners naturally... Read more >>

Article Review

Introduction: The present paper makes a critical review of the research findings in the field of cognitive psychology presented in the article by Bertrand and Camos “The Role of Attention in Preschoolers’ Working Memory”, from the scientific journal Cognitive Development... Read more >>