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The ability to write well is often likened to an art. It cannot be classified as a science as it inevitably involves a creative process. Even if you take a short essay as an example you may see how it is very much like creating an artwork.

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A lot of students ask this question, “how long is a short essay?” In addition, there are some rules about writing one that students have to be aware of. Despite the fact that some highly regarded writers in the world used very unconventional styles and not always did they follow the rules we still have to pay close attention to the guidelines provided by the professor. Take the examples of Georg WF Hegel, Friedrich Nietzsche or even Plato. It is likely that if a lot of their written works were to be submitted to modern-day professors they would not be accepted. However, if you were to adopt certain rules your skills as a writer could well improve, not least when you have short essays to write.

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