General Terms of Providing Custom Writing Services

Writology Limited specializes in custom writing of numerous papers, articles, posters, coursework, etc. We provide brand new papers depending on the customer’s instructions, order deadline, and level. Every client is required to indicate a specific type of assignment in the Order Form:

  • Lab report
  • Coursework
  • Essay
  • Thesis
  • Poster, etc.

Apart from providing custom writing services, a client may choose:

  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Proofreading
  • Rewriting
  • Revision of an already written assignment.

Level of Writing A customer must choose an order level, which depends on the educational establishment he/she studies in:

  • PhD
  • Master’s
  • University
  • College
  • High school.

If customer mistakenly chose an inappropriate order type, our Financial Department will assist and recalculate the order price according to the newly provided instructions.

Communication and Its Importance

We highly suggest every customer to communicate with Writology Limited members by using the following means of communication:

  1. Inside message system.
  2. Live chat button
  3. Phone calls with Support Agents.

Writology Limited asks all clients to communicate with Writology Limited members, provide timely responses to our messages, calls and emails to make sure that the ordered product will be crafted according to the customers’ specific needs and requirements. It is vital to provide all order instructions and attachments while placing the order or during initial writing stages (when no more than 10-15% of the deadline passes).

Review or Work Process

By ordering a paper on our website, a customer agrees to get the service in the following way:

  1. Customer makes an order on our website and proceeds with the payment. We allow every customer to choose his/her “preferred writer.”
  2. We find the most suitable writer to complete the order.
  3. The client may communicate with the writer to receive updates about the order status, provide clarifications, etc. Our Writing Department may ask to place a compensation order, if we find any mismatches in the order type, number of pages, and level of writing.
  4. The order is edited, checked for plagiarism, and uploaded in the customer’s profile.
  5. A client may request a free revision referring to Writology Limited Revision Policy, get a free plagiarism report from our Customer support Team. We grant that Writology Limited provides only authentic papers in any subject.

Order Time Frame

A customer may indicate a respective time frame, which starts from 3 hours up to 2 months for more complex orders. You are free to find more details in our Order Now form. The customer may request early delivery, but the order price will be respectively recalculated and additional order will be requested to be placed. Writology Limited completes all assignments on time and grants timely submission of custom writing/rewriting services.

Submitting a Request for a Refund

  1. Our customers are eligible for a refund within the first two weeks after the deadline for the order expires. If you claim a refund due to plagiarism, your claim will not have any time limits. Please, make sure that you provide a valid plagiarism report with your refund to justify your request.

*We will accept plagiarism reports provided via Turnitin, WriteCheck, and iThenticate. Other plagiarism detection engines do not provide credible information about plagiarism. They often detect properly formatted direct quotes and references lists as plagiarized. Please, do not provide manually written plagiarism comments or the reports delivered through

  1. If you want the writer to keep working on your own paper, we will be responsible for plagiarism detected in our part of work. We will not check plagiarism in the part of the work, which was written by you.
  2. In case you are not happy with the paper and want a Refund, we will review your claim during 3-4 days. Should our Refund Department decide that your claims are justified, you will receive partial or full compensation for your order.


  1. Every customer is eligible for a free revision during the first 2 days after the deadline expiry. If you miss the deadline for a free revision, we will have to request compensation. It is possible that the writer will agree to revise the paper for free. In that case, you will lose your right for refunding this particular order.
  2. If your paper consists of 20 pages and more, you are eligible for a free revision during 30 days after the deadline expires.
  3. You cannot ask for a free revision, if you have changed the original instructions. In addition, if you fail to upload the relevant materials before the writer starts working on the paper, we will have to ask for compensation.
  4. If you want to apply for a free revision, you will need to set a new deadline and upload comments for the revision. At times, if the order is complex, we may need up to 24 hours to finish your revision. Please, rest assured that we do everything possible to complete your revision as soon as possible.
  5. Please, check your personal account regularly in case you receive messages from our support or the writer. One of the biggest problems with customers is that they often forget to attach the needed materials or provide comprehensive unambiguous details for their papers. You are fully responsible for providing all instructions and materials when you place the order.
  6. You are welcome to use our Extended Revision service, which will add 30 percent to the final cost of your order. If you use this option, you will be eligible for a free revision during 14 days instead of 48 hours. However, please, make sure that you do not change the original instructions. In addition, if you do not need a revision because your paper is perfect, we will not refund the cost of the Extended Revision service.

Complete Refund

  1. Our customers are eligible for a complete refund, if they have accidentally placed two identical orders or have been accidentally charged for the same order more than once. Please, inform our support about the situation and we will cancel the double order immediately.
  2. Our customers are eligible for a complete refund if we fail to find a writer for your order.
  3. In case a complete refund is provided, customers will not be eligible for using the materials or papers that have been created by Writology Limited.

A Partial Refund

  1. Our customers are eligible for a partial refund, if they have failed to request a correct number of pages for their orders. We will compensate that part of the order, which exceeds the word count needed for your work.
  2. Customers who have failed to select the needed writing level (e.g., University instead of PhD) may not receive full or partial refund due to these problems.
  3. Refund percentage may need to be reduced for those customers, who have failed to provide adequate instructions or requirements for their orders. If the instructions are contradicting, the percentage of the refund will also be reconsidered.
  4. If you want to cancel the order after the writer was assigned to your paper, you will receive:
Refund percentage Passed deadline
100% 10-19% of the deadline
90% 20-29% of the deadline
80% 30-39% of the deadline
70% 40-49% of the deadline
60% 50-59% of the deadline
50% 60%+ of the deadline

  *If 30 percent of the deadline are left and the writer is working on your order, you will not be eligible for cancelling the order. Moreover, you will not be able to cancel the order after the completed paper was uploaded to your account. All tips are non-refundable. The payment for custom writing / editing / proofreading / rewriting / formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.

Late Verification

  1. Late verification is another issue of concern. Many customers fail to answer the questions from our Financial Department. However, we need verification to minimize the risks of financial frauds. If that is the case, the deadline will be calculated starting the moment you have verified your financial details. Otherwise, we will ask you to pay additionally for an urgent paper.

Counting Pages and Words

  1. We will not count pages visually. Rather, we will calculate the number of words. We write approximately 300 words per page. These requirements may change for technical orders or orders that require extensive calculations. Our Writing Department will calculate the word count according to your paper requirements.
  2. For PowerPoint Presentations, speaker notes will have to be paid additionally. You can use this option at the time you are ordering a PPT presentation. You will have 100-150 words under each slide in the section for speaker notes.
  3. We will calculate the price of online tests, based on the number of questions in them. We follow a simple formula: 5 questions equal 1 written page. Thus, if your test contains 20 questions, you will have to pay for 4 pages.

Deadline and Delivery

  1. If you want your paper to be delivered early, we will request compensation. We will recalculate the price of your order, and you will have to place a new order. If the writer delivers the paper earlier for free, you will no longer be eligible for refunds for this particular order.
  2. If the deadline for your paper was missed without your approval, you will be eligible for a partial refund. We will reconsider the cost of your order according to our pricing requirements.

Order Type

  1. Please, make sure that you select the needed type of paper when you place an order. For instance, you should not choose "essay" if you need a "dissertation". Otherwise, we will not be able to provide a refund upon your request.
  2. If you place a rewriting order, we will simply paraphrase the original text. If you ask for additional services, such as research or editing, you will have to compensate the writer for his/her efforts.
  3. Please, check your personal account as frequently as you can, as you may have new messages from the writer or our support representatives. Your communication with Writology Limited is the main factor of your academic success!