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At WritingLeader we are very proud of having the most talented writers on our team. It is this that primarily distinguishes us from our competitors and we take pride in the fact that we have the most qualified team out there. While a lot of writing services employ writers from non-native English speaking countries, our policy is only to employ American writers with professional and undergraduate degrees. Regardless of what type or level of writer you need we are entirely confident we have the ideal match for your assignment. Feel free to take a look at our “Writers” profile page or our “Services” list to gain a better understanding about how our company can assist with any writing project you may have.

Who Are the Writers at WritingLeader?

If you have any questions about our writers, such as who they are and what qualifications they have we can answer all of these questions. Our writers are qualified with degrees from some of the leading universities and colleges in the USA and they work for us on a freelance/contract basis. For instance, some of them are law graduates. A large percentage of our talented writers have been working for WritingLeader for several years now and have a proven record when it comes to successfully completing different types of assignments. Mostly our writers are aged between 22 and 30 and they work with our company to earn money as well as do something they enjoy doing.

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How and Where Do We Find Our Writers?

We use a number of different web-based channels to find our writers. These include various job boards, blogs and even Craigslist. Since our writers work on a freelance basis, many of them do write for other companies. Very often writers approach us through our various recruitment channels. When a writer is seeking work with a well-respected website they tend to look for US-based ones that have built credible reputation and are known for paying their employees fairly. That is something we do. At WritingLeader we understand that if we are to attract the best writing experts available we must offer competitive rates of pay and attend to their individual needs.

Our Training Procedures

Once a writer joins the team he/she is required to undergo a meticulous training program. This involves undertaking (and passing) a number of competency tests. Although some writers do not meet our strict requirements those who do tend to do very well once they start working for us. The following is a general description of how our writers are hired and trained.

  1. The hiring process: First, we vet all resumes and conduct telephone interviews to ensure the applicant comes from America and has a pleasant personality. Because we place a lot of emphasis on high-quality customer support we double-check that the applicant’s personality fits our company’s culture.
  2. Writing sample: Every prospective employee is required to write a sample paper according to the instructions we provide. This allows us to see writers' work quality and if they are capable of producing well-written “on-demand” texts.
  3. Training regime: Successful candidates are then put through our web-based training program where they are required to study various materials, pass exams and acquire appropriate certifications. Once this is achieved writers are given access to our jobs portal where they can view any orders.
  4. Introductory or induction period: While they are in the introductory period of employment with us writers are allowed to complete one or two orders so that they can become accustomed to our processes and fine-tune their writing style to fit our requirements.
  5. End-of-training: When a writer has successfully completed a number of orders and have proved to understand our procedures and system, they are permitted to continue on their own initiative.

Although our procedures are strict and take up a lot of time, it means we end up with the most competent writers available. While we receive applications from numerous non-American or foreign candidates we courteously turn most of them down because they do not match our strict recruitment criteria. It is our total belief that in order to provide our customers with the best end products possible we have a responsibility to ensure that our hiring procedures are never compromised. It is the case, after all, that the most talented writers do not need much supervision. Finally, a desire to continually improve is an important element of our training program. We employ a team of expert editors who work on a 24x7 schedule to check final papers. Once a writer finishes a paper, it is checked for spelling, grammar, context, general organization and compliance with customer instructions by an editor. This editing element is our way of providing an extra layer of quality assurance and supervision. Often an editor returns a draft to a writer to correct minor errors. This gives the writer chance to better understand the standards and style of writing we expect. Some writers at this stage decide our company does not suit them. In any case the process enables us to improve our writing team so that we end up with only the most competent writers.

Types of Writers at WritingLeader

There are different writers’ groups at WritingLeader based on core skills. Some of our writers for example can write quickly to complete urgent assignments while others are not as quick but have very narrow subject knowledge. Either way we accommodate all different groups to meet the needs of our customers.

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Subject Matter Experts and Writers

Although the majority of our essay writers can cope with almost all disciplines and topics specific subject matter knowledge is required for some orders. To cater for these needs we hire special writers. Not all writers for instance are strong in chemistry. So where chemistry knowledge is required we would allocate such assignments to writers with in-depth chemistry knowledge. We keep a list of writers’ specializations on hand so that we are able to provide customers with the end products they require. Generally speaking, writers with specialist expertise get paid more for each page of text to reward their unique knowledge and skills. Additionally, there are writers who begin writing papers of the more generic variety but progress to more complex or specialist areas. Usually this promotion depends on a writer’s ability to deliver in short timeframes without compromising quality.

Urgent Order Writers

Because some of our writers have the ability to complete orders quickly they belong to our ‘urgent orders’ category. If, for example, a customer orders a ten page research sample paper that is needed within eight hours, some writers cannot produce the required quality of work in that timeframe. For this reason, we continually monitor the work of our writers and promote those who are suitable to our ‘urgent orders’ group. This allows our company to deliver urgent assignments of the highest possible quality. There are some writers that do not meet the criteria for this category and others leave because they become too stressed trying. We fully understand the stress that accompanies fast writing and we offer every available resource to our writers to help them achieve their full potential.

The Writer Advantages at WritingLeader

We hope we have answered your questions and provided all the information you need about WritingLeader’s writing service and who our writers are. Our company cares a great deal about our writers and other staff and we are proud to say we have built a really talented team. The following are some of the advantages that customers get when they choose WritingLeader:

  • Meticulous screening of writers
  • Comprehensive training
  • Full support and other resources
  • Constructive feedback and continual improvement program

So, if it is the case you are thinking of using any writing service other than WritingLeader, remember that few providers will make the extra effort to provide a highly skilled and well-motivated team of writers to complete complex orders at short notice.

Do not hesitate to contact our representatives if what you are looking for is not listed and we will soon find a suitable writer for your assignment.