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A business plan is a piece of formal academic writing that provides descriptive information on how a company or an organization plans to achieve its goals. Business plan writing is particularly important for new companies that are just on the verge of functioning. An effectively developed business plan should focus on financial, marketing, and operational perspective. Apart from developing business plans for new companies, they can also be written for a company that changes its direction.

Before a company starts operating, it should compose a business plan with clearly outlined goals and strategies regarding the best ways of moving in the desired direction. When you start working on business plans, you need to be aware of their structure. First, a business plan should start with a clear and concise executive summary. Second, a business plan should contain descriptive information of the business and its scope of operation. Finally, a business plan should outline specific steps how it is going to achieve its goals. It should also be clear from the business plan what industry the company belongs to and how it differs from its competitors on the market.

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Financial Projections

Business plans are considered successful when they contain a section of financial projections. These are potential financial statements that include the current and potential funding, the overall budget, the marketing strategy, as well as the analysis of the market. This part of a business plan is important as the writer needs to outline the expenses and revenues of a specific project for a certain period of time.

Practical Considerations

Business plans provide a clear picture of the expenses and costs that will be needed to make a certain business decision. As such, with the help of a business plan, which is provided in advance, business persons would be able to foresee some unexpected expenses and change financing or strategy. The length of the business plan differs depending on business but on average the content should fit into 15-20 pages. In case you have some additional graphs, tables, figures or calculations, they should be placed after the main text in appendix. In case you provide some specific parts, sections, subsections or simply names, which are worth specific attention, you should definitely highlight them throughout the text. Business plans have never been meant to be static documents.

You can change them throughout the process of business planning. For example, a business plan on the onset of a company and a business plan in the middle of its development will definitely differ. As such, a business person should review the plan on a regular basis. Moreover, alterations in a business plan will help one trace how the company/ business has evolved and how it is different now from what it was some time ago.

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When you are ready to start a new business venture you should first systematize everything you know about your potential market and see if you have enough resources and capabilities to run your enterprise smoothly. This is where a business plan comes into play. Feel free to buy writing assistance from our company and we will be happy to provide you with professional business plan assistance today.

Our Quality Standards

If you do not know how to write an essay or need quality help crafting your business plan you need to find a company you can trust. WritingLeader is the place for any business owner or student who is planning to launch a new venture. You do not have to waste your money and time on unprofessional writing companies that can never deliver the best academic and business planning result. With WritingLeader you will have everything needed to pursue progress in your business area. Remember that your business plan is an instrument of presenting your idea to the audience. If you are looking for additional financial resources, loans, or investments, your business plan is the only way you can prove that the idea is worth being financed. Every writer in our team is experienced and skilled enough to produce an incredible business plan. You will never have any troubles if you order a business plan from WritingLeader. You will receive the finished project quickly and on time.

Placing an Order with WritingLeader

At WritingLeader we want to be sure that your experience with our company is completely positive. This is why you can order a custom written essay or a business plan here without any difficulty. We promise that you will not face any obstacles on your way to getting a high-quality business plan from us. In case you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service. We work 24/7 to give you a sense of confidence that your business plan is in the best hands. So where do you start?

    1. You should first feel out our order form. At this stage your main task is to provide us with as much information as possible regarding your business initiative. Make sure you include the number of pages needed, the deadline, as well as the types of information you would want our writers to include in the final plan.
    2. Then you should send a payment. With the help of WritingLeader you will feel secure. You will not have any issues submitting your payment since we work with PayPal, one of the most reputable and renowned financial processing companies in the world. You can either use your PayPal account or a credit/debit card to send your payment.
    3. Finally, wait for an email confirmation. You will receive one when your business plan is completed. When you pay for a business plan to be written by our writers you submit the instructions for your order that are transmitted to our writers. Once we have a writer assigned to your business plan you will receive a message directly from the writer with a confirmation and, possibly, questions related to your project. When your project is finished the writer will send it to one of our editors. Our quality assurance department will also review it. We will send the finished paper only when we are sure that it is ideally suited to meet your instructions and needs. An email notification you receive will contain a link. Use it to download the business plan.

Our writers are strongly motivated to make you a success in business. Do not hesitate to send your inquiry or submit your order for a business plan with WritingLeader!

WritingLeader Advantages

When you a business plan from us you expose yourself to a whole variety of benefits that make your experience with WritingLeader smooth and enjoyable. Everything we have created was developed with the goal of meeting your unique needs.

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With our custom writing services you can use our wonderful online system. It allows you to communicate directly with the writer and our friendly customer service reps. You can send messages to the writer, monitor how your business plan is expanding, forward additional recommendations to the writer and upload additional documents. You will not have any difficulties using our messaging system. For example, you can ask the writer to upload a draft of your business plan before you see it finished. The writer will follow your requirements. Feel free to provide your feedback and the writer will address any inconsistencies you have specify. We do everything possible to meet and even exceed your expectations. At WritingLeader we are convinced that effective communication is the critical guarantee of the writing success.

  • Mobile Website

WritingLeader has launched its mobile website to make sure that customers can order our business plan writing services, regardless of their location. With our mobile user-friendly system you can communicate with the writer, forward your recommendations or requests to our customer service, upload additional documents or even place a new order.

  • Free Revision within 2 Days

Order our custom writing services at WritingLeader and you will be eligible for free revision within 2 days. Like any other customer who comes to our company you can enjoy the fullest range of helpful services aimed to provide you with the best business plan. Of course, our key task is to deliver a quality product. However, as we keep working on your project the data you want us to use in your product may also change. So if you see anything in your business plan that needs to be changed you are most welcome to request a revision within the first seven days after the final plan is sent to you. We will give our writer three days to deal with your revision request. However, rest assured that the revised version of your business plan will be forwarded to you much earlier. We will do everything needed to supply a business plan of exceptional quality that helps you beat the most intense industry competition.

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If you are looking for professional business plan writing help you should consider the professionalism and qualifications of the writers who are going to work on your project. At WritingLeader all essay writers (business plan writers) are native English speakers who reside permanently in the U.S. We also know that our competitors want to save their costs. For this reason they outsource their writing services to inexperienced writers in third-world countries. These writers have little or no knowledge of the business plan standards accepted in the developed world.

Their writing skills are also far from perfect. Therefore, you should not expect such companies to provide you with high quality business plan writing services. It is far better focus on quality and professionalism and choose dedicated writers at WritingLeader. This is how you can guarantee that the business plan you receive at the end meets your expectations and needs. When you buy essay help or order business plan writing support from WritingLeader you will soon realize that every writer and customer service representative in our company is committed to excellence. We understand that your business plan should create the most positive impression on potential investors and at the same time present your business ideas in the best possible light. Each of our writers has accumulated valuable experience in business plan writing. They are fully aware of every single detail and requirement when it comes to crafting business plans. We have everything you need to produce a great business plan without any difficulty!


  • Professionalism of our Writers

One of the most important things you need to know about WritingLeader is that we are different from our competitors. The main difference is in the quality of the writing and customer service people working in our company. You can't even imagine how much time and effort we spend to acquire and retain the most talented and self-motivated business plan writers. Our writers were born to work in our industry! And we are lucky to have them at WritingLeader. They are all passionate about their job. This is why you will hardly find any place better than WritingLeader to buy business plan services online. Also you will hardly enjoy the same level of quality and professionalism when you deal with any of our rivals. Most likely when you choose our competitors you will receive some general response without any details that should be included in a good business plan.

If you are looking for a quality product that will help you win the existing business competition WritingLeader is the best choice for you. So what are you waiting for? It is time to order affordable business plan help at WritingLeader. Submit your business plan requirements today. The assigned writer may send you a message asking for more details so please check your account from time to time. When we see that you have provided enough information to produce a decent business plan, we will start writing it. With WritingLeader your business plan will include an executive summary, detailed financial estimates, thorough marketing analysis and an outline of the principal management activities you are going to undertake to bring your new venture to profits. You will receive a perfect business plan that empowers you to become a talented manager and owner of your own venture.

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