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When a hiring manager asks you to send a resume or a CV, it means that they want to investigate your traits, skills, and analyze your strengths and weaknesses in order to know whether you are worth employing or not. Business CV writing is a must if you want to apply for a job. It should include the unique selling points that will make you stand out of the crows from fellow job applicants.

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When writing a business CV, you need to be confident in what you are offering to your potential job giver: what knowledge and what skills will make your human resource manager to accept you for your desired position? When applying for a job, you need to be sure that you know the fundamentals of business CV writing. Although there are no universal standards, you still need to follow the rules provided below:

  1. Your personal and contact details. Indicate your full name, address, email address, and telephone number. This contact information is a must for the company administration or the hiring manager to contact you. Such information as age, nationality or the availability of a driving license is not necessary to include.
  2. Personal statement. Provide a brief paragraph that will draw attention from your target audience to your personality. Make sure not to delve into details and write a memoir of your life. Rather focus on the key aspects and events that happened in your life with a particular focus on your professional values and skills. Make sure you pinpoint how you hard and soft skills could benefit the company you are applying for.
  3. Work experience. List the positions you have held during your career. Mention the positions starting from the most recent one (in reverse chronological order). Provide this text is a clear manner, i.e. by using bullet points. If possible, please mention not only the name of your job but also the position you occupied and the responsibilities and duties you had.
  4. Educational background. This information should also be placed in reverse chronological order. Make sure you pinpoint to your professional qualifications and academic achievements.
  5. Skills and knowledge. Highlight the practical skills you have acquired over the recent years. Also mention some programs or internships that helped you to acquire a specific set of theoretical and practical skills.
  6. Interests and hobbies. This section is optional but still you may mention some of your interests in brief to pinpoint to your personality traits and characteristics.
  7. It is not a must to include the list of refereed in your business CV writing but if these are requested, then you should definitely provide this information. If you are applying for your first job, it is recommended to provide references from your professors or tutors or some teachers or trainers from internship programs.
  8. Follow a simple format: two A4 pages of properly organized text (with bullet points and subheadings).

The purpose of business CV writing is not to get the job but to be chosen for a job interview among numerous other candidates. Remember that when writing a CV, you should orient on your target audience but not your own interests and preferences. Make sure to provide a concise CV that perfectly corresponds to the requirements. Just imagine your recruiters’ situation: each day they receive thousands of CVs that they have to process. They hardly read each CV in detail, so make sure you make the CV appealing from the very opening paragraph.

Organizing an Effective CV

  1. Make sure you have sufficient time for structuring and writing your CV. This is a kind of an assignment that is really worth the time spent on it. Make sure you do not make minor mistakes that will worsen the general impression from your writing. As a rule, the admission committee is repelled by a poorly revised CV.
  2. Avoid long paragraphs. Try to convey the information in succinct and brief paragraphs that are united by a single idea. Make sure they are logical in nature.
  3. Do not overuse italics or bold font.
  4. Underlining should be used merely for web addresses.
  5. Make sure you choose a legible font type, such as Arial or Times New Roman.
  6. Do not use font sizes smaller than 11 pt. It will be hard to read your CV if it is written in small font size.
  7. Use abbreviations only if they are generally known. In other cases, please provide full names.
  8. Spend sufficient time on editing and proofreading your CV before submitting it. It is your responsibility to revise the CV before sending it to your job giver. Do not merely rely on online automatic grammar or spell checkers as they not always correct papers in the right way.

Professional CV Writing Services

It can be extremely challenging to write a detailed document outlining your key achievements. It is what CV writing presumes. Do not get upset if you do not know how to get started and what format to choose while writing a CV. Our online writing company offers a CV writing service that can cope with this task instead of you. Do you really want to spend much time and efforts on something that you have never done before? We have a better solution – ask for our professional writers to assist you with CV writing and we guarantee positive results.

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What Makes Us Different?

While looking for someone who knows how to write a CV in a professional manner, you will surely find different companies and individual offering their services online. However, do not expect to get reliable assistance from every company you come across. WritingLeader is a place that can be trusted - we never put at stake our reputation. All our orders are original and we never compromise the quality of our writings. If you do not have enough time and energy to work on your home assignments, our custom writing company will be pleased to give you a helping hand, be it CV writing or a multi-page research project.

We know for sure that it can be very difficult and time-consuming to write a good curriculum vitae. Ublike most of academic assignments, the primary focus of this one is you. Many students say that they would rather submit an essay, research paper, etc. instead of writing about their own personality. It is highly important not to show off and, at the same time, decently present yourself, so that members of committee/your potential employer will realize who you truly are. Our CV department includes professional and talented writers who have produced thousands of CVs and helped both students and job seekers attain the desired results. They are graduates of the best universities and degree holders in the respective disciplines. Mastery, punctuality, expertise are just a few words that characterize our team of writers.

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If you would like to purchase a well-written CV, we guarantee that a cooperation with WritingLeader will be a convenient and smooth experience. Our website was developed to make the ordering process as easy as possible. Customers usually do not encounter any difficulties while placing the order. However, if you have any questions or concerns, we are there 24/7 and our support agents are eager to provide the answers to all your questions. The order form requires filling out a couple of fields such as the deadline, what details should be mentioned in your CV, the level of writing, and the number of pages/words. If you have an example of CV and want us to strictly follow it, you are welcome to upload the file to your writer.

Setting a reasonable deadline is among most important requirements to give. Our company always delivers all CVs on time, so be accurate when setting a specific time frame for your writer to complete the order. Then you will have to proceed with the payment. Please, mind that your order will not be approved until you pay for it. We offer several payment options and you can choose the most convenient one from the list. All our payment systems are safe and secure to transfer money for our custom writing services.

Email notifications: Our CV writing services include a convenient notification system. If you have a specific CV format, your writer is bound to strictly follow it. He/she will entail all details from the task file. Before sending the order to you, we will forward it to the Editorial Department first. Our editor will double check that your specific requirements were followed, the paper is error-free and written according to the chosen writing level. If the final version is approved, the file will be uploaded to your personal account. When the writer uploads the file, you will get an email notification that your CV is ready and you can download it anytime.

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At WritingLeader we realize that there are many other companies offering the same writing services on the web. In order to remain highly popular on the web, our primary focus are customers’ satisfaction and success. Cooperation with us is beneficial and you will be able to see it as soon as you place at least one order. We long for proficiency and efficiency, which makes us different from other writing services. If you surf the net to know “what is a CV,” and you came across our website it means you have chosen the right track to succeed in CV writing. Here is a small list of the benefits we have to offer.

Communication through Our Inside Messaging System

Since we always maintain confidentiality and personal details are never disclosed at our website, customers and writers can communicate through our secure messaging system. If you have any questions about a CV for students, want to provide some additional files, clarify some writing moments, etc., use our message system. It is pretty easy and convenient way to communicate to the writer what he/she needs to know. Moreover, you can always check the progress of your order and ask your writer provide some comments about the paper. The purpose of our messaging system is to allow customers monitor their orders and participate in the writing process. The more we know about customer’s expectations, the better product will be delivered. Communication between clients and writers is always beneficial, so we encourage you to check the personal profile for the messages from our Writing Department.

A Convenient Website

On our website one can find explicit information about what we can offer at WritingLeader. You can find different sections that will give you a hint where to find answers to your questions. You can access your account from any location, but please do not share your account details with anyone else. If you still have not made your mind as to whether you should order a professional CV from us, our website has a Live Chat option, allowing you to to speak to our company representatives and clarify the issues you don't understand. The order form at WritingLeader is very easy. Every field contains explanation and example of how to fill it out. At the same time, if you would like to get additional clarifications, simply give us a call.


If you have provided a CV and think that your writer did not fully follow it, you can always make a revision request. Your CV will be adjusted according to your requested requirements. Customers deserve to get the products written according to their own instructions. Please mind that you can make a free revision request without changing the initial instructions. You can ask your writer to adjust the paper content within 2 days after the deadline expiry. Be sure to state what exactly should be changed and how much time the writer will have for a revision. Please keep in mind that writers may be working on several orders at the same time, so it might take up to 2 days to revise your paper. We always strive for perfection and want to make our services as professional as possible. Therefore, we assure you that your writer will work hard to produce the CV that you need.


Facts about Our Writers

Some students think that they can easily cope with CV writing on their own by checking CV writing examples on the web. If it did not help, WritingLeader will be happy to write a CV for you. Our company has hired well-trained, skillful, and creative writers who have a strong command of English. unlike many other companies we do not employ students or unskilled writers. For example, if you include "management" in the subject field, your order will be assigned to the writer specializing in management only. CV writing should be written with dilligence and clear understanding of a subject and crafted according to the requirements of each educational establishment/company. Even a couple of grammar mistakes can impact the final decision of the readers. We assure you that our CV department hires qualified writers only and it goes without saying that your paper will be free of any grammar or logical mistakes.

Choose a Reliable Writing Partner

Writing a CV is always stressful because students understand that almost all their future is at stake in a way. This document can influence one’s career path and it is important to pay enough attention to CV writing. This piece of writing should include relecant details about your educational background, the list of your publications, both printed and electronic (if applicable), any awards, certificates, or other documents that can prove your qualifications. Though CVs are usually short; it is always difficult to list all of the career details without the word limit. Moreover, usually educational establishments oblige students to follow a certain template, which make things even more complicated. As you can see, there are many requirements for writing a CV. Thus, if you want to find someone who could help you with it, WritingLeader is a good place just for that. One of our writers will craft your CV in a compelling manner to make you stand out from the rest of applicants.

If you try to google something like How to write a CV examples (how to find CV examples) you will find hundreds of pages with the information about different writing formats and a great deal of requirements. Be realistic and do not think that an online search will tell you how to handle a CV writing. It can even distract and mislead you since every writing lab imposes different requirements. So what to do? Which format to choose? It is a point that makes many students choose us as a trustworthy writing service dealing with CVs. Our writers know the difference between CV addressed to the educational establishment and a potential employer. Moreover, it does make a difference if you have to submit a CV only or add a cover letter to the package. CVs usually include a list of all contact details, names of universities, awards and certificates, etc., but it is important to present this information creatively, not to make your readers bored. Since our writers have produced thousands of CVs, they are ready to help you with that.

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By ordering executive CV writing services, each client is automatically protected under our system of guarantees. We deliver original papers only and allow customers to make free revision requests if they think that their CV should have been written differently. Privacy terms are also one of the key benefits that make us stand out from the crowd.

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