Editing Services

The editing services offered by WritingLeader are all about helping you improve your English skills so that your papers get high grades. Our editors concentrate on identifying all punctuation, spelling, language and/or grammar errors and obviously they are focused on correcting your text. If they find instances of incorrect language usage or awkward-sounding sentences, these will be corrected. Essentially, our experts use their professional training to detect any confusing language or vagueness in your papers and they pay special attention to the stylistic aspects to ensure your texts are polished-up to perfection. Our editing process does not include checking research sources or formatting and we do not undertake language translations. Our senior editorial staff usually runs a series of quality checks with every text doing all they can do to deliver the paper editing services of the highest writing standards. Our goals are:

  • Improving texts that are badly written
  • Making texts more interesting and compelling
  • Making texts clearer and more legible
  • Attracting newer audiences than those that were originally targeted
  • Making texts usable in several ways while avoiding plagiarism issues.

It is All about Virtue

When you ask WritingLeader to “check my essay” you may be confident that you will receive a level of help that is highly professional. We make sure your papers are properly edited according to your specific instructions and are fully plagiarism-free. Unlike software programs that change your texts word-by-word, we consider sentences and paragraphs in their overall context to understand their meaning and we edit without altering the meaning you intended to communicate. We have a well-qualified team to edit, paraphrase and summarize your written work.

Our Editors are Qualified to Provide any Help You Need

With WritingLeader, you are guaranteed your work will not be rejected because the quality of English is inadequate. Our editors have PhD degrees from some of the most respected universities in the world and most of our employees have about twenty years of experience in their fields. To maintain the highest quality standards, we do not employ students for content editing duties even if they are studying for high-level qualifications and proving to be a good editors in future.

As of now we have edited papers in more than 1,000 different subject areas. You can always come over your friend asking to “edit my paper,” but it is most likely that you will have a much better success rate if you choose professional editing at WritingLeader. We have experts in many areas of expertise and we always assign editors who have experience in the field of the theme of your paper. For example, if your paper is science-related, the editor we allocate to you will be a science expert. Key features of our services:

  • All papers edited by two subject matter experts
  • Editors and work quality approved by editing team manager
  • Senior editor undertakes quality assurance checks
  • Customer given advice on style and language usage
  • Customer receives a summary of all edits undertaken together with detailed comments
  • Multi-tiered pricing structure with prices determined by word count and deadline.

Our Editing Service can be Trusted

We are proud of our excellent customer satisfaction record, which we achieve by providing customers with the editing and proofreading services they need. We have the team of big professionals and we fully support them all of our employees at all times. With WritingLeader, the following benefits are nothing but a standard procedure:

  • Guaranteed on time delivery
  • A friendly and knowledgeable 24x7 support team
  • All papers thoroughly checked for plagiarism
  • Thorough proofreading to eliminate any writing mistakes
  • Confidentiality guaranteed.

So do not hesitate to contact WritingLeader when you need a professional and affordable essay editing service. Just complete a short order form to get any assistance you need.


The Process for Buying Editing

item 1 Complete
the order form
item 2 Making
item 3 The editing
in progress stage
item 4 Order

WritingLeader guarantees the quality of the editing and proofreading service at all times. We have utmost confidence that your chance of success of getting your work published will significantly increase with our help. However, please note this is not a guarantee. If your papers are not accepted by a publisher and we believe you have made every possible effort to take on board any changes we suggested, we will happily re-edit your paper once again at no additional cost.

Our guarantee does not cover texts that you have re-written after our revisions. Hence, we recommend you let us have a copy of your final paper before sending it to your publishers.

Feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or suggestions about our editing services.