The Process for Buying a Paper

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How Can I Calculate or Specify the Number of Pages for My Order? This depends (mostly) on how many words you think are necessary for your assignment or how many your tutor has requested. For example, one page of text in double spacing equals around 300 words. This word count doubles where single line spacing is used. A one inch margin is left on all sides of the page.

When Will I Be Able to Access and/or Download My Paper? Any paper you order will be completed prior to the deadline you specify. It is worth noting this deadline is for the first draft of your paper. We use an automated timer, which starts calculating time once we receive your payment. Do not forget that if you need revision, it will require a new completion deadline.

Can I Pay after My Paper is Completed? Once we receive payment from you, work will commence on your paper. Our writers will not start working before payment is received as this is the marker that starts calculating time towards the deadline. You are assured of the highest quality from our writing service. You may view samples of our work if you still harbor any doubt.

10% with word count difference
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Can Your Writing Service Be Trusted?

  • Take great care when providing details about your order and give us as much information as possible. It will not be possible to change instructions once the writing process has begun.
  • When you first use our service an account will automatically be created for you and you will receive an email confirmation to this effect.
  • Remember that first-time orders are provided with an automatic discount code that will be applied only once. Later, you can use special promotional codes we offer or use your lifetime discount to save money while placing orders.
Find more information about: " Affiliate Program"

Making Payment

For What Services Do You Require Payment? We only require payment for the body text of your paper. Title pages, reference pages and formatting are provided free of charge.

What Do You Mean by ‘Authorization?’

In the context of paying for an order, the term ‘authorization’ refers to the process we use for verifying that you really are the person making the payment and that the debit or credit card being used hasn’t been stolen. This is normal practice with all debit/credit card transactions and it is an especially important process when we receive large orders with tight deadlines.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Customer loyalty is something we value enormously and, to reward regular customers, we offer a variety of generous discounts. You will find more information about our loyalty program on our Discounts page. We accept all major credit cards – AmEX, Discover, MasterCard and Visa – and all transactions are verified by a secure and reliable payment system.

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The Work in Progress Stage

Who Will My Paper be Written By? Each of our writers is professionally qualified expert in his or her chosen academic field. Our QA (Quality Assurance) team puts a lot of effort into selecting the most talented people and this team is also responsible for verifying the quality of all end products. You can also choose whether you want your paper written in US or UK English. Simply indicate your preference on the order form. However, we cannot commit to provide you with a writer from a specific country.

Do You Facilitate Direct Contact Between Customer and Writer? Yes. Our company uses a specially designed messaging system for the purpose of communication. In fact, to protect customer privacy, this is the only mechanism we provide for you to communicate directly with your assigned writer.

How Can I Transmit Any Necessary Documents/Files to My Writer? It is important for our writers to have as much information as possible about your assignment in order to meet your requirements and those of your professor. You can upload any necessary files through the ‘Files’ option in the profile area of your account. Our system can handle all the main file formats. If you cannot upload files via this route, just contact our customer service team through live chat or email your files to them. The most common file formats we receive are .doc and .pdf. In summary, the process involves:

  • Direct communication with your writer while work is in progress
  • The uploading of all relevant documents/files
  • Waiting for notification to say your paper is complete.

Order Delivery

By What Method Will I Receive My Completed Paper? This is quite straightforward. The moment your paper is complete, we will notify you by email. When your papers will be done, order will be immediately uploaded to your personal account. Another copy of file will be sent to you using email.

What Happens If I Want a Paper Edited? In such a case we offer you a great opportunity of free revision. This option is available during 48 hours after deadline expires if your paper is not longer than 20 pages. For papers that exceed 20 pages capacity, feel free to use free revision option during 1 month after deadline expiry.

Can I Be Confident My Paper Will be Free of Plagiarism? All our written work is entirely free of plagiarism – guaranteed! In fact, if you need official confirmation that your paper is authentic, we can send you a plagiarism report for free but you will need to request this.

Do You Use TurnItIn for Plagiarism Testing

While all our work is thoroughly checked for plagiarism, we do not use TurnItIn. This is primarily because this service only allows text to be checked once. And should your professor choose to check, they will find your paper to be plagiarized. For a variety of practical reasons, we use only the best professional plagiarism-detection software.

Feel free to contact our customer service representatives if you have any further questions about any aspect of our writing service. Our team is friendly and helpful and they would be delighted to assist you with any queries you have.

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