Score Verification through the SAT Question and Answer Service 

What if you want to make another attempt to improve your SAT scores? Do you think you need to look into the results of the first test? Do you want to understand what happened during that test that kept you from earning the highest scores? Do you want to order a hundred of copies of your SAT test and have them hanged all over your room for a better result? 

You may not be able to have a hundred of SAT score copies at your disposal, but you can certainly use the Student Question and Answer Service when you need help with your SAT. You will be able to review and analyze your past results. Read this blog through, and you will understand why you may need assistance with your SAT results. 

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Student Question and Answer Service for SAT

If you want to review and evaluate your past SAT results, you can follow two different paths. 

First, it is the question and answer service that will disclose your results in full:

  • You will receive a booklet used during the exam;
  • A list of correct answers for each question;
  • A detailed report showing your answers and evaluating the complexity of each answer and the importance of each score for the total SAT result.

This service is available for students who took SAT in March, May or October. It is also available for students who passed SAT in Canada or the U.S. If you come from a different country, you will not be able to use this service, unless you took your SAT in May. Be ready to pay $18 for your request. 

If you cannot use the Question and Answer Service, you can use Student Answer services, providing you with:

  • Types of questions that you had to answer.
  • Difficulty levels and the correctness or incorrectness of all answers.

With the Student Answer Service, you will actually link yourself to the Question and Answer Service. The only difference is that you will not have access to your booklet. As a result, you will not have an opportunity to see original questions. Also, remember that the original questions may only be released to the general audience if the College Board plans to use an entirely new set of questions for students. When you use the Answer Service, you will pay $13.50.

The biggest issue is that you are not in a position to choose which of the two services you are willing to use. It all depends on where and when you took SAT. 

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Why Use the Question-to-Answer or the Student Answer Service 

Both services have numerous advantages, as they allow you to look into your SAT scores. However, you may also use them for other reasons. 

Reason No. 1: To understand why your score was what it was: with the help of QAS you can review the original SAT booklet and understand where and why you made errors. You will also see your strengths and weaknesses during the test. 

Reason No. 2: To use the material as guidance when you take SAT next time: now that you see your strengths and weaknesses, you can avoid making the same mistakes when you take SAT for the second time. 

Reason No. 3: To understand if the score that you received for SAT was calculated properly. If you think that there was a mistake in your SAT score, then the only thing that you can do is ordering a copy of your test with a booklet. It will take some more time and money, but you are working toward a better result, aren’t you? You might be worried or feel uneasy if you see several incorrect answers in a row where you are sure you could not do anything wrong. Then you will have evidence to help you investigate the case in depth. 

Whatever reason you have to request help from QAS, it is always compelling and worthy. You will not do it just because you want it. Follow a simple procedure and use the advantages of QAS to improve your SAT scores in future. 

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How to Use QAS for SAT Scores 

When you register for the test, you will have an option to order QAS services. This is particularly relevant if you believe that you may need to take another test some time in future. If you have doubts as to whether you can do well on SAT during the very first test, it is better to avoid future difficulties and order QAS services during registration. However, it does not mean that you cannot order QAS or SAS options when you complete the test.

You can follow two different paths to order SAS or QAS services after you complete SAT. First, you can use the College Board and the Order Verification option to place an order. Second, you can order the form and other documents to be mailed to you, if your College Board does not let you pay online. It is also possible to make a phone order. 

If you place an order a month or more following the test date, then you will have to wait at least three weeks to receive the results by mail. Make sure that you use QAS or SAS options no later than five months after taking the test!

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