About Our Writing Service

WritingLeader is a trustworthy provider of exceptional writing services to customers in more than thirty countries throughout the world. For the past five years, our company has been hiring only the most talented US-based writers and training these experts to provide our academic and business customers with a superior writing, editing and customer support service. With a diverse and widespread customer base, WritingLeader leads the way when it comes to providing truly great content solutions.

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An Exceptional American Writing Team

Our company is proud to have a team of highly motivated, talented and fun-loving people. This team is made up of expert writers who undergo extensive training before being allowed to work on the orders customer submit. Our focus on hiring only the best writers enables us to guarantee the high quality products every time you use our services.


Based in America

Our company is based entirely in the USA and we never outsource to foreign countries.

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Mission and Culture

WritingLeader is a company with a unique culture and strong sense of social responsibility and these are the things we highly value. When we speak of our company culture we mean a code of conduct following which our employees are making things happen in our company. Our mission is based on our everyday commitment to provide our customers with high quality writing services. Our hope is that you share our values as these help us become a better company.

Our Company’s Mission

WritingLeader’s mission is to provide the finest quality content along with excellent customer support for your convenience.

Our Company’s Vision

Our short and long-term vision is to be identified as a trustworthy provider of writing services to organizations and individuals all over the world.

Our Company’s Values

Our core values are the foundation we all firmly stand on. These define the everyday decisions of our business as they provide the standards by which we measure our performance and behavior.

What Drives Us

Everyone in our team understands the challenges that we face as a business and we collectively apply the utmost vigor and tenacity to meet these challenges in a healthy spirit of competitiveness.



All our team members have specific responsibilities for which they are held accountable. Our company’s reputation and success relies on the continual delivery of our finest end products.

Customers Come First

Our collective mentality is a customer-focused one that aims to deliver high-quality products, content and services at all times.

An Agile Model

Evolution requires adjustments and this is a theory we apply to the building and development of our business.

An Innovative Approach

We believe that investing money, resources and time in improving our processes, acquiring the latest technologies, applying best industry practices and developing new service keeps our company in the top. We adapt where we can and must.


Everyone has some decisions to make at one time or another. The key is to have the best information possible in order to make the right decisions. That's what we are always after.


We think people should have the freedom to do as they wish in their own time. However, this also assumes taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Working as a Team

Everyone who works for us belongs to a great team of WritingLeader. Each new employee brings new skills and adds to the overall chemistry of our team. A new team member opens up new opportunities and our job is to ensure we get our hiring priorities always right.

A Constant Desire to Be More Productive

Our constant aim is to work smarter, harder and to continually improve productivity levels.

A Compassionate Approach

Our company cares for everyone associated with our brand – from employees to customers. We extend our care to everyone, whether they like us or not.


A respectful and professional attitude makes wonders. We go the extra mile to provide a positive and meaningful experience for everyone who comes into contact with us.

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Social Responsibility

Since our company was founded five years ago, the team at WritingLeader has fought hard to achieve and maintain the things that are important to us. It is our belief that the lives of people in the USA have been hindered by insufficient transparency in the modern education system. We are also aware of the fierce competition, and sometimes unfairness, in the jobs market where countless graduates are competing for almost any job just to survive and repay their student loans. We feel this is an unacceptable state of affairs for the youth of our country in the 21st century. We think we can make a positive contribution. As well as helping current students with writing projects, WritingLeader gives employment to diligent US students and new graduates in the writing field. These positions are more than a mere means of income. They are real jobs that have helped numerous students get out of debt and become financially secure. Our company’s commitment to help people build careers is reflected in the salaries we pay our writers. Writing staff at WritingLeader earn approximately five times more that their counterparts at other writing companies. We want to help those who work for us to optimize their potential and feel valued. From the perspective of a service provider we think the US education system seriously needs to be reformed. We want to stand up for students who are discriminated against in the jobs market by making it clear they should have more freedom of choice when it comes to education. This is especially so where academic establishments are increasingly being operated on a business footing where profitability is given greater priority than education and student welfare. By offering our products and services we help promote the idea that educational institutions should not be resistant to improvement and change.

Why Do We Focus on Helping with Writing, Research and Editing?

Our aim is to make one area of academic life that students dread easier i.e. written assignments. We understand that not everyone likes writing and that students should have options when it comes to completing assignments. If a student wants to enlist our assistance to complete a coursework we will happily provide our support, especially to those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Providing greater access to research resources and tutoring is our way of making an unequal system more fair. We truly believe this to be the case. Feel free to contact our representatives or take a look at our website if you want to learn more about our company’s mission and history. Our business is growing rapidly and we always seek to employ talented individuals.

Commitment and Supported Causes

Showing concern for the “issues of the day” has always been viewed as something worthwhile and admirable. At WritingLeader we believe that real respect and genuine commitment requires proactivity. The following are just some of the causes that we both support and strive daily to have an impact on.

The Elimination of Student Debt

Just three years ago the debt from student loans exceeded one trillion dollars. A large number of these students cannot find employment after they have successfully graduated with degrees. Our company is dedicated to providing a platform for these individuals where they can use their considerable skills to earn money and repay the debt they accrued while studying.

Providing Employment in America

Less than a year ago the unemployment rate in the USA stood at five and a half percent. By employing US graduates WritingLeader is keen to help reduce this rate. Although the nation’s unemployment issue is quite a challenge to address, it is our belief that businesses can take a step in the right direction when they commit to employing local people.

Helping to Build a New and Brighter Economy

With jobs in the manufacturing sector on the decline, the service market is expanding rapidly. We are confident that this new emerging economy will have many platforms like ours where talented individuals will have the freedom to carve out the careers they want through self-employment and freelance opportunities.

Aided by technology, WritingLeader believes that allowing people to explore different avenues is in everyone's interests.