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Freshmen students of colleges and universities often do not realize that their academic life will be radically different from their high school experience. The major difference lies in the scope of article writing: each academic stage presents new sophisticated levels of written composition demands. The practice of essay writing in an educational setting stems from old times, where apprentices had to cope with endless manuscripts, writing them by hand. Although computers and Internet have facilitated the writing load, a variety of assignments remains impressive nowadays. However, the ability to find an article writing service that teaches you how to compose perfect articles and essays is the sweeping advantage of the modern times. 

You just have to be honest with yourself when you are assigned with a particular academic article. Before immersing in the writing process, ask yourself such questions, “Am I familiar with the subject well?”, “Have I learnt all the features of this article’s format?”, “Do I have enough time to complete this assignment?”, “Am I interested in this task at all to express my ideas coherently?”, etc. If your main answer to these questions is “No”, then this is the red flag that says about one thing for sure: you will not obtain a good grade for this kind of composition. Therefore, we do not want a low grade to become your condemnation. Everyone goes through academic ups and downs, and even excellent students are not protected against failures. Relying on professional assistance is not a disgraceful idea, especially if you intend to learn from experts of creative thinking and scholarly discipline. At, we will teach you to carry out remarkable investigations on any topic, so that even complex issues will be properly analyzed and organized into the required clusters within your article. You will gain valuable experience after our first cooperation, and the end result will be the highest mark for a decent work! 


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The decisive question you may logically ask, “How can I be sure that my article will be written by a professional?” Our company is known for unrivaled competence of our academic authors that work individually with every order. After extensive job interviews and knowledge tests, we decide whether to accept a new expert into our agency or not. Having estimated all the probable academic areas you may need help in, we hire writers with versatile educational backgrounds. Most of them are graduates of reputable world universities or inventive freelancers who can boast of the advanced intellectual intelligence. 

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  • We do not hire authors with degrees lower than MA and Ph.D.;
  • We highly appreciate not only perfect diploma but creative approaches every writer has to demonstrate;
  • Every writer displays seamless time management and serious attitude to each assignment;
  • Many of our authors are published writers of various literary efforts and scholarly manuscripts;
  • Experts of pass special tests to show their knowledge regarding modern academic writing standards, so your instructions will not seem too complicated or incomprehensible for them.
  • We hire native speakers of the English language who are extremely eloquent and educated in any field upon request. 


Article Writing Format: Learn What We Already Know

The initial rule of a decent article writing is: poor organization of your composition will influence the general perception of the piece by a target audience; even great ideas may appear to be poorly coherent. Start with memorizing the fundamental outline to stick to the proper format: 

  1. Title or Heading; 
  2. The Author’s Name;
  3. Introductory Part;
  4. Body Paragraphs; 
  5. Conclusion (that restates your major opinion, suggests further solutions, and anticipates the future implication of the subject matter). 

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Article Writing Format in Relation to the Context

Sometimes, you have to think about the topic on your own. Once you chose the pertinent issue, work with subsequent elements: 

  • Target Audience: Visualize the central reading public most interested in the topic in question. 
  • Objective: Determine the core purpose for the article creation. 
  • Data Collection: Proceed with collecting applicable information and, afterward, select the most relevant data. 
  • Data Arrangement: After the secondary details are omitted, organize all the material, such as facts, evidence, and statistics, logically. 

Gradually, after completing the above-mentioned points, the most important stage remains: Composing Process.

  • Even if you edit the whole work after finishing your first draft, do your best to write diligently, following all the rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. 
  • Make use of your vast vocabulary, employing vibrant synonyms. 
  • Your topic may sound attention-grabbing right from the start. An interesting introduction leads to similarly compelling body paragraphs (unless you lose your chain of thoughts). 
  • When you present your opinion, employ descriptive techniques that make your paper fluent. 
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Formatting Mistakes to Avoid

There are typical format errors that are easily preventable:

  1. Failure to cite the evident standpoints of others; 
  2. Trying to sound confident about certain events, not mentioning the related facts; 
  3. Not finding the balance between formal and semi-formal language; 
  4. Writing vague lengthy sentences that conceal even remarkable ideas; 
  5. Making a dull title that may fail to attract the target audience; 
  6. Failure to divide paragraphs into logical chapters; 
  7. Excessive personalization of your viewpoints (almost forgetting about your core intention). 

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Make Your Article Writing Format Impeccable Owing to These Tips 

  • Never choose outdated or non-unique topics;
  • Explore the target audience, as your article should be aimed at specific people with common interests; 
  • Even if you scrutinize a complex philosophical matter, your article should be readable even for beginners; 
  • Always keep the major goal in mind. You may intend to enlighten your readers on the unusual matter, debate over a burning issue, or recommend something life-changing; 
  • Do not underestimate the significance of a well-written title: it draws attention initially; 
  • Make your introduction witty but not satiated with facts and complicated terms;
  • Even when making statements, sound clearly and without bias; 
  • Do not repeat the same ideas, even using paraphrasing methods;
  • Write for the audience, not only for your own interest;
  • Make your conclusion eye-catching and promising for further researches. 
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Current Topics for Article Writing

  1. The era of social networks 
  2. When politics go wrong 
  3. Ecological disasters due to consumerism
  4. Outdated traditions that negatively affect developing countries 
  5. The future of neurotechnology 
  6. Irrational prioritization of space explorations 
  7. The radical influences of ableism 
  8. The modern face of chauvinism 
  9. Communism versus capitalism 
  10. Barack Obama versus Donald Trump
  11. Negative effects of Covid-19 on global tourism 
  12. Human rights are yet to be protected 
  13. Flexibility of contemporary education
  14. The ideal nutrition for the modern world 
  15. The side effects of dating apps 
  16. Countries doomed to remain third-world 
  17. Climate change that predicts global disasters 
  18. Why unique cultures suffer from Americanization 
  19. Accepting diversity means global peace 
  20. Why adolescents should use smartphones rarely
  21. Transformation of creative thinking in modern students
  22. Feigned healthy effects of well-known vitamins 
  23. Synthetic music versus live instruments  
  24. Why young people are less invigorated

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