Business Success

The moral growth in a business standing depends on the capacity of development of moral awareness. Read more >>

Pepsi Company Brand Analysis

After the 1965 merging of the Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay companies, Pepsi Company was founded. It continued to expand and grow through mergers and acquisitions until it gained entry into the global market. As one of the leading in the food and non-alcoholic beverage industry... Read more >>

Accounting Standards

Observation of standard accounting practices is a requirement for publicly traded companies. The companies ar... Read more >>

Case Study with Marketing

Distribution is one of the four key marketing mix elements. It has been defined as the process of availing a... Read more >>

International Trade

International trade is often hampered by predatory pricing in instances where sellers use various inexplicabl... Read more >>

Project Management CSR and Sustainability

Introduction Project management involves project planning, organizing resources, tracking, collaborating sta... Read more >>