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International Studies

England in one of the most accessible and well-known countries in the world.  The country, therefore, plays host to many international students whose field of study and background vary among themselves. Studying abroad offers an incomparable learning opportunity to help the classroom lessons with field experience. The abroad studying comes with a lot of challenges where students face language barriers and change of environment affects them. My classmates and I toured various sites in the Southern England a fact that helped us to understand the Southern England culture. Studying in England is a great advantage for many students beginning their first international experience. Cultural studies and heritage were the main aims of us visiting Southern Britain. Some of the sites and cities visited included: Stonehenge, Bath, Salisbury, Brighton, Hasting and Bodiam Castle. The tour helped us to obtain an understanding of the English cultural heritage and its significance. For sure Britain has a rich cultures that it spends a fortune to maintain and keep them alive.

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Understanding of the United Kingdom

Our international study tour helped me to understand the political, geographical and cultural information about the UK. I was able to comprehend that the United Kingdom consists of Great Britain and is twice the size of New York.  Major rivers in the United Kingdom flowing into the North Sea are Thames, Humber, Tees, and Tyne. 

The United Kingdom has a parliamentary democratic nation. It has two houses: the House of Lords and the House of Commons that has 651 members   elected. Legislative powers vest in the parliament and sits for its primary function to revise and change legislation. The Prime is the head of the United Kingdom government, and he handles all policy and decisions of the nation. Current Prime Minister is called David Cameron, based at number 10 Downing Street in London. As part of culture, these administrative processes and the types of governments are cultural preservation that England work hard to maintain. Even the parliament works hard to preserve, maintain and make sure cultural sites are not exploited by individuals.                

 England has been a unified state since the 10th century and is very rich in cultures. Stonehenge is the primary earliest inhabitants of Britain prehistoric culture.  The UK has become increasingly diverse and has been able to accommodate a large number of people who migrate from other nations.  Currently, the UK has a mixture of ethnic groups and cultures that helps to reduce racism. Citizen here are very reserved and are private people, in fact, they keep their doors closed as they expect other people to respect their privacy. A handshake is the standard primary form of greeting.              

Significant of Britain Sites

Britain sites make the nation rich in heritage sites that range from natural beauty such as Dorset to rich cultural riches Towers. It has most iconic sites in the world that are protected by world heritage status. The beautiful sites in Britain act as a tourist attraction that earns revenue to the nation. The Roman Baths famous for its association with Jane Austin and the ancient Roman    Bath, gorgeous Georgian architecture.   

Currently, Hastings offers a range of attractions for the visitors in the nation. It’s a great town to explore and boast of the growing art scene. Every year there is coastal current Arts Festival, which brings a variety of work and performance to Hastings. The seafront tends to undertake decorations with several impressive light displays. The site also hosted the famous 1066 Battle of Hastings. This site portrays the rich natural beauty to the people of Britain and helps the nation always to preserve their rich culture.     

About Britain Sense of Self

Bath Abbey is a place of Christian worship for over a thousand years. The town has undergone a lot of transformations and various changes and has experienced rise and fall in fortune. The site displays the city as a religious place where people worship God. There is Abbey Archives located at 9 Kingston building on the south side of the Abbey. Any member of public can use the Abby Archives for free. Some of the archives include Fabric records, burial records, title deeds, choir records, and photographs.           

Roman Bath formed from natural hot springs with the steaming water plays an important role in its history. The construction Roman Bath was in 70 AD as a bathing and socializing complex. The Bath is one of the best-preserved remains in the world. Millions of liters of steaming spring water fill the bathing site every day. Romans believe the Bath place was the mystical work of the God. As one walks on the ancient pavements of Roman Bath, one must pick an audio guide and listen to the commentary as one makes the way to the site. The audio is available in 8 different languages and with a unique guide for the children. The nation, therefore, is diverse in culture and welcomes people of various countries. The site has great significant to the people living there as it serves as a bathing place as well as a socialization hub.                  

Brighton Royal Pavilion, a universally acclaimed site in Britain, has the most beautiful buildings. It’s the magnificent former seaside residence of King George. The place is breathtaking as decoration in Chinese taste and an Indian exterior beautify the area. The pavilion is licensed to host weddings and other special events.   The Pavilion is significant for the people of Britain as helps to preserve their heritage and culture.          

Salisbury Cathedral is a unique building built in one architectural style.  Located on eight acres of Lawn, it’s the home of world’s finest original Magna Carta that is Europe’s oldest working clock. There is the roof Space on the Tower where visitors can explore and enjoy the beauty of the land. It acts as a place of worship where people can pray and proclaim the Christian faith to encounter God and his transformative presence. The site tells us that the town is a Christian and religious place where worship of God happens. 

How Cultural Sites Constructs National Identity

Cultural sites in Britain help to create a national identity in the nation by giving it a unique identity.  In Bath Abbey, it’s the only place in the world where pilgrims and visitors go to worship and enjoy magnificent architecture. It’s a unique place to visit in Britain that helps to have national identity and locals or visitors are always welcome to worship at Abby. Roman Bath set out national identity where bathing was the most important leisure activities. 

Romans value bathhouses and, as a result, they came up with the Roman Baths. Culture usually well preserved where many people move from far and wide to experience the natural Roman Bath. Roman engineers came up with an ingenious system of heating the baths. The floor area raised off the ground by pillars spaces that were left inside the walls to allow hot air circulate through the open areas.

Brighton Royal Pavilion is world’s famous building and an iconic landmark with a lot of artwork. The site has a remarkable history and aims to conserve their unique part as part of the nation cultural heritage.  It’s an exotic palace in the Centre of Brighton with so much history in the area. The building built as a seaside palace for King George. The buildings make the area have a natural identity of the nation as it’s the only place where King George used to reside. Its rich history and diverse cultures help people to identify it with their unique features. Salisbury Cathedral is a single place of worship in Britain with excellent architectural style.      It’s one of the Britain’s finest cathedrals and helps to identify the nation.     

Why Britain Sites are Important

Bath Abby’s congregation has raised about 30000 Euros for five charitable projects in the world. The projects are mainly from Zambia to Sri Lanka and also support the homeless and vulnerable in the society. The site is critical as it supports many projects that have proven to be a success. It offers startup capital and training for the local youths and woman on how to use their skills start up their businesses. Many of the supported women have lost their husbands through various causes such as accidents, illness or even desertion. The site has helped the less privileged in the society.      

Roman Baths associated with various charitable institutions ranging from Asia and also in Africa. They can charge people a fee before they use the services of Roman Bath. The revenue generated help in corporate social responsibility to improve the lives of the poor in the community. The site is critical as it preserve the culture of the nation.

The Royal Pavilion is associated with Museum Foundation a registered charity and raise funds to support their mission. The Pavilion and Foundation brings a world of luxury, scandal, and beauty of Brighton. With much support from their supporters, they share the passion of art, culture and history. Through membership fees and donations, they help to preserve their culture and also the sick in the community. Salisbury Cathedral is a one of the main worship Centre in Britain and helps to upright the world of God. Visitors stream in from far and wide and proclaim their Christian faith. The site contributes to encounter God and his transformative presence.     

Why United Kingdom use Funds to Preserve Their Sites

The United Kingdom uses a lot of funds to protect their sites such as Bath   Abbey, Roman Baths, Brighton Royal Pavilion and Salisbury. The main reason is to preserve their rich culture and history found in the sites. Some of them act as tourists’ attraction sites, religious places and also as a museum. Future generations must be able to see the rich and resourceful sites a fact that makes the UK government preserve them. The sites also help to support the poor and the vulnerable people in the society as a result of this a lot of money is used to protect them. Preserving the sites helps them not to become extinct shortly.          


The International study tour proved very resourceful as we were able to learn the rich cultures found in Britain. Britain is rich in culture and accepts diverse background from all walks of life. The buildings have a historical record and ensure vital records are well preserved. Our tour was very successful and was evident that iconic landmarks in Britain help to construct a national identity. Charitable institutions work together with Britain sites to elevate poverty and support the vulnerable people in the society. Other nations in the world should imitate Britain and make sure that they preserve their cultures at all cost.

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