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Coca Cola Open Happiness

The modern market is rich in the variety of brands. All of them provide the number of products or services. Some of them have appeared recently. However, some of them exist in the market for about a century. Thus, the Coca Cola Company is one of the most popular and perfect examples recognizable in the entire world. Although, it has a long and interesting history of evolution and development, the recent campaign of the Coca Cola Company Open Happiness is regarded as the most impressive and successful affairs on the global arena.  

To begin with, it launched in Atlanta in 2009. The fundamental concept of the company is an invitation to the billions of its consumers all over the world to pause, refresh with their favorite Coca Cola, and continue to take pleasure from one of the simplest gratifications in their life. The current slogan “Open Happiness” has substituted the previous “The Coke Side of Life.”  It is a surprising and rapid shift from “the successful ad push for Coca Cola in several years. As a matter of fact, the message of the newly rolled companies affair accentuates on the emotional connection between good will and optimism. Thus, it creates the brand an image of the connector among families, friends, and even cultures. The idea of the campaign is presented everywhere: on billboards, in stores, or TV spots. Additionally, the great amount of advertisement is in printing press. In order to attract the customers’ attention the Coca Cola Company applies visual and audio components, which, in turn, are rich in colorful picture accompanied with the world greatest hit such as Janelle Monae’s covering of the song Are You Getting Enough Hapinness? released in 1980. 

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Nevertheless, the success of the company is not possible without its creators. The Open Happiness campaign originated as a six-month initiative presented by Project Next. In fact, the Coca Cola’s appointed chief executive spearhead it. Thus, “the company’s global chief marketing officers, Muhtar Kent and Joe Tripodi intended to make their mark in more than a centenary history of the brand. Although there is no accurate information, but such advertising companies as McCann-Erikson or Wieden + Kennedy worked on the creation of the marketing campaign for Open Happiness. 

Regarding the choice of the advertisement efficiency, its predominant purpose is to attract as many consumers as possible. Thus, according to Ryan Cinney, the target audience of the Open Happiness campaign is primarily aimed at the youth of the ages13 – 24 as the greatest consumers of the soft drinks, in general, and Coca Cola, particularly.The secondary target audience is centered on adults, namely, those older than 40 – years – old. Moreover, the average consumers of the product are undoubtedly familiar with it. In addition, they are aware of the social networking. Henceforth, the advertising appears as the most efficient way to inform about the new products of the company.

In terms of the target market, the Coca Cola Company attempts to satisfy each customer’s taste. The soft drink is popular in the number of nations in over 200 countries serving about 1.6 billion servings daily.  As a result, the target market of the company has no limitations due to the gender, age, or area. In fact, it is spread globally and provides its consumer at homes, offices, bars, restaurants, parties, actually, “every place where one can be present”.  Overall, the products are mainly presented at the market for youngsters. Nevertheless, there are some of them particularly for older consumers. 

The company brings into operation the number of stakeholder groups in both informal and formal settings across the whole system. It engages the variety of meetings with the diverse groups on the local, regional, and national levels. Moreover, Coca Cola actively supports the cooperation with the suppliers, consumers, and bottlers. In fact, the company is “actively involved in multi-stakeholder initiatives, such as the United Nations Global Compact and the World Economic Forum. Consequently, it allows addressing the urgent world challenges. The proactive cooperation with the foreign stakeholder partners is implemented in order to define and devote efforts by involving the knowledge, expertise and passion of the number of individuals and organizations. Hence, this approach assists in achieving efficient impact on the social, environmental and other aspects better than working by itself. Therefore, the Coca Cola Company is “committed to ongoing stakeholder engagement”. This conception is a key component of its business, sustainability strategies, annual reporting process as well as its activities all around the globe. Being the active member of the social life of the community, the work of the Coca Cola Company is aimed at prosperity that can be reached through strengthening of its plants.

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To gain the popularity the brand possesses, it has to apply the effective market strategy. In terms of the Coca Cola Open Happiness Campaign, it comprises several issues such as simplicity, personalization, socialization, and experience. Considering the former, it is presented in the beauty of the meaning of the words of the slogan. Thus, the word “happiness” is an effective and strong message that is pleasant and easily translated to any language. 

Personalization is implemented in the direct connection between the company and its consumers.  The advertising campaign of Coca Cola is adopted to each country and the peculiarities of its culture accentuating on the everyone’s value. The aspect of socialization is reached through employment of the social media, which are known as the digital tools that assist in expending the marketing and increase the consumption of the product in the globe.  Thus, the Coca Cola Company uses the current means successfully to enlarge the number of consumers as well as to prompt the customers to share their experience in the social network engaging new people to taste the soft drink. 

Finally yet importantly, the last marketing strategy is experience. The success of the brand is emphasized on the product the company sells. Therefore, it gives the consumers not simply a soft drink in the bottle or can, but happiness. Their purpose is to share with them the lifestyle and experience, which are associated with the brand and the campaign itself.  As a matter of fact, being one of the leading companies in the global arena, the Open Happiness campaign intends to satisfy every customer’s taste.   

The company develops its strategies with the means of communication and observation. Thus, it analyzes the consumer’s behavior and attitude toward the image of the brand. Since the campaign is connected with the public constantly communicating with it, Coca Cola spends much costs in the field to understand the customer’s views and preferences. For this reason, the most successful means to develop the marketing strategies is to understand the physical and psychological consumers’ demands. In particular, it provides people with a piece of happiness in every drink of the tasty soda. 

Regarding the planning process of the company, it is focused on the global presentation of the brand new campaign of the old but favorite soft drink. In this case, the work of the team should be centered on each consumer. Although people in each country differs in their customs and traditions, the message is the same. Moreover, it has to be transferred correctly. Therefore, the executives of the Coca Cola Company face with the problem to hire the creative team, which is able to guarantee the success of the new campaign in the certain country. As a result, the geographical location was covered successfully disclosing the vivid message of the Open Happiness campaign. 

Another step of the planning process of the organization is a universal appeal to the globe community. The concept of happiness is the positive idea presented in any culture while some other concepts may be difficult to obtain. Thus, Coca Cola claims that even the small bottle of drink brings happiness into person’s life. The theme is easily transferred and accepted. Therefore, its efficiency is undisputable.

As far as the campaign’s theme, “Open Happiness”, becomes spread in the world with the means of advertising. In particular, it represents vivid and colorful videos on TV, bright billboards and posters. However, it is not the sole ways of sharing the message of the brand new campaign.  It implements music that associates with the brand solely by covering old hit. The variety of the happy signs on the vending machines and the services they provide disclose the message of the Coca Cola Company. Moreover, one of the directions of the campaign is to make the world better. It is fulfilled in the video, which highlights how kindness and happiness may change the life. Hence, the messages are well planned by the executives in accordance with the demands of the certain culture and distributed to the countries around the globe. Locally, the tasks are implemented and controlled by the companies’ representatives.  

Henceforth, the Coca Cola Company applies the variety of media sources to share the campaign and engage more people to it. For this reason, in 2006, it joined YouTube. The number of subscribers on the social mass media rapidly grew bringing the popularity to the channel of the company. In turn, it allowed Coca Cola to spread the news and innovations faster. Consequently, the awareness of the brand increased in each social media enlarging the popularity of the well-known brand. Overall, the media mix is a direct response of the company to its consumers. The latter request not only the employment but also the correspondence to the demands of the communities. This concept explains the success of the campaign in the world since it shares the message of happiness and positivity. 

Eventually, the Open Happiness campaign is considered successful due to the proper innovative and interesting marketing devices, which take into consideration the customers’ needs. The Coca Cola Company’s campaign Open Happiness is the perfect sample of the modern times integration of the marketing communication between the brand and its consumer. Consequently, the deep correlation between two significant and constituent parts of the market discloses the success of the company resulted in customer’s satisfaction and pleasure gained from the product. Moreover, the success of the company lies in the fact of the theme chosen. It refers to the global concept transferred accordingly to the culture of every country. In addition, idea of the campaign transmits the sense of joy globally. Hence, it appeals to people to find happiness in life in the small casual things. Consequently, it claims to do it with the help of Coca Cola. Overall, the campaign allows recognizing the tools to implement that lead to success. 

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